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One Park Place,


"Welcome to Las Vegas"



WE design for

YOUR recipient

and YOUR budget.






Have an idea-Call us

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and together we will design the perfect gift.

Las Vegas Survival Kit

Las Vegas Survival Kit:

This gift is meant for a fun take on surviving "Sin City" This gift includes Advil, eye drops, bottled water, sun tan lotion, hand sanitizer, snacks, nuts, Godiva chocolate, cookies, and a ball cap.



Las Vegas Survival kit 003.JPG

Custom Made Containers

Custom LV Gift Bags for gifts

Medium size as shown:$7.00

Vegas Gift bag.JPG

One Park Place  

designs "One of a kind gift box "

containers: Fun & Unique

As shown this gift has: LV Tee shirt, LV mugs, tea, chocolates, bottled water, Advil, eye wash, hand sanitizer, frame, cookies and treats galore.

As shown $75.00


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