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Our mission is to present

our customers with gifts

that stand apart from the norm.






You deserve the best

and most unique.

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2020-BBQ Party.jpg

Outdoor BBQ:



Everything but the main entree...

This gift is great for "New Homeowner" Or Camping Vacation...

Contents: outdoor citronella candle,bbq sauces, seasonings, bbq tools,skewers,corn on cob holders,hot mitts, charcoal & lighter fluid marshmallows for smores & BBQ.


baby gift.jpg

Baby Gifts:

Diaper and wash cloth tower, plus so many useful baby items, from lotions, powders, baby oils,baby toys, stuffed animal, bibs and more.

Start at: $75.00

Beautiful Trays: ( color of wood will vary based on availability)

We can fill these with a variety of products: Gourmet foods, Breakfast foods, Relax and recovery gifts.

The budget start at $200.00.

Talk to a designer to have us V.I.P shop for favorite products and themes.

Hamper: This was a custom gift made for a cat lover- recipient is a building  architect so the container choice design reflected  lines of of building high rise.

It's subtle but it shows we pay attention to details.  We purchase many different styles of hampers based on availability.

Let us design for YOUR recipient.

These types of gifts start at $100 and up based on contents.